Words with Passion..

This week, Charlie, The SMJ’s and I took a trip down to The Guardian HQ in Kings Cross, courtesy of the lovely Benji Lanyado.

We received the grand top-to-bottom tour of the impressively swanky – and as Bianca pointed out ‘corporate’ and ‘rather intimidating’ glass building – including the news room floor where the excitement of press deadlines looming was palpable, an ever expanding new media and digital department, a very impressive looking and smelling canteen, lots of stair wells and the BIG conference room furnished with BIG yellow sofa, where daily editorial’s happen..

The SMJ’s were lucky to meet with three editors, newly appointed Joanna Geary (Digital Development Editor) , Ian Prior ( Sports Editor)  and David Madari (Comment is Free Editor), who gave up their precious time to explain to us all about the jobs they do and what they look for in a good writer and budding blogger..

Here are some of the tips they gave to the SMJ’s that I noted down:

* You have to have TALENT

* Being young, living in London is not enough to write about

* You have to find your NICHE. Look for a GAP in the MARKET

* You will need an EXTRA something special. Become and expert in your field.
* Blog about what you’re passionate about
* Become a stalker (in a good way!) of editors, writers, people you respect
* Be tenacious, don’t be afraid of rejection!
* If you irritate an editor with your opinions, you are probably on the right track!
* The future is DIGITAL!
In short, become a Talented, Intelligent, Passionate, Stalker! 

Many Thanks to Benji, Ian, David and Joanna…

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