‘Media Village’ a poem by James Massiah

This poem was performed at the end of the Trust and the Media debate on Monday 24th March.

2014-03-24 20.06.41 HDR

there’s shady goings on
going on in media village
some stations are talking
but they aren’t saying much
they tell me this and that
in truth i don’t know who to trust
half of it’s not fact
and the other half is fallacy
what you don’t see
what you see
you see
i thought all blacks were gangsters
i thought all chicks were sluts
i thought all gays were camp as hell
 thought africa was dust
i thought they needed money
i thought that it was a country
thought the middle east was too
up until i found out who
owns the local paper?
who runs your favourite blog?
whose magazine is this?
tell me, what’s their politics?
do they use their publication as a propaganda platform?
do they want to force an issue?
or to launch a campaign?
at first i was confused
about why much of what’s on screen
appears to be at odds
with what’s in my reality
but then it all made sense
it all comes down to pounds and pence
even the rawest broadcasters are slaves to money spent
so who cares about our views?
who cares about the truth?
who cares about the facts
my friends, i’ll happily say who

the ones with the gold make the rules
the ones with the gold tell the news
the ones without get confused
for rapists, thieves and delinquent youths
terrorists and chavs and cheats
and people that we cannot trust
whoever shall defend the NEETS
speak on behalf of us?
the others on the outside
those whose stories seldom told
from an objective perspective
those inland without the gold
perhaps they’ll buy a camera!
start a channel! share a link!
to detail all that’s on their mind to tell us what they think
a new vice! a new spectator!
i am other! or young turks!
without the corporate interest
or allegiance to THE church
an honest open forum for discussion
of events would be a blessing and a bonus
one might just say heaven sent
so go forth and be wise
hook up to the satellite!
and be careful what you do dear friends
i hear the walls have eyes



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