Year to go fever and SHEDspace..

It’s officially a year to go till lift off and the SMJ’s are much in demand..

They’ve made podcasts for The Shoreditch Festival How does the Regents Canal where the festival is being held, connect to the local community and include them in the celebrations and events programmed to happen between now and 2012? Have a listen here and check out the festival.

They’ve interviewed Director of The Cultural Olympiad Ruth Mackenzie about how the plans for the ‘Biggest party the Uk has ever hosted’ are shaping up.. Bianca interrogated her about her commitment to young people and the legacy that 2012 will leave behind for the next generation.. watch out for filmed interview to follow on Bianca’s blog.

Some have expressed strong opinions about the fairness – or not – of the ticketing availability process in an online article for The Guardian.

Joe has interviewed Paralympian hopeful for 2012 and 2016, Amy Marren who is a force to be reckoned with already at the tender age of 12.

On Tuesday, Bianca and Kimberley are off to the Aquatics Centre to celebrate a year to go and take part in a day of broadcast by the BBC World Service. 

And today, we’re in a bright green shed at SHEDspace, part of Stratford Rising Festival doing research with the local folk of Stratford about what they think about the Olympics coming to town. Are they happy, excited about it? Have they got tickets? How will the Games benefit them and their families before and AFTER the Games ?

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