young people and the olympics

So many things to be proud of the SMJ’s for of late.

Not least Joe Mason who’s photos of the interface between Olympic Park and the local community caused quite a stir when he posted them in a recent blog post.

They’re now on display at The Freeword Centre 

at their recently opened exhibition Politics & The Olympics entitled ‘The Other Side of the Fence’.

Joe had to get up and speak in front of about 200 people about what his brief was and what he experienced that day in February when he and fellow SMJ, Kaspian went out armed with just their smart phones and Joe’s camera.

Joe gave a short talk to the room, sharing the stage with Rose Fenton and Martin Polley eminent sports historian. He was confident and clear and focussed as he explained a bit of background to the photos and also to the Headstart Programme. I felt very proud of him, and am also very proud of all the SMJ’s and other Headstarters, who were in the house in full effect, hosting our very own Headstart table, live blogging, and documenting the evening. A whole range of people were interviewed, including: Lord Michael Bates about his walk for Peace , and Executive Director of the Arts Council Moira Sinclair about what positive benefits an event like the Olympics and all associated activity will bring to young people 

Bianca, Sandra, Maddie, Joe and Kaspian all interviewed and posted, alongside a really good turn out of other Headstarters.

More on the Freeword opening and some audio clips to follow.

In the meantime, check out our SMJ homepage for more blogs and reports of the night .. and the very latest views from one very switched on group of young londoners.

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