This is it..

So, this is it. Just 196 days to go. We’re on the home straight. All those preparations, all the building, all the talk, and now we’re in it, 2012! the year which, like 1908 and 1948, will go down in British History. ‘Where were you when?” will be the FAQ and the SMJ’s will be a part of this history

Producer Chris was on hand to provide some excellent tips on how to produce well-written, focussed blogs which are to the point and don’t take forever to post.

We’ve also come up with a way to focus them as correspondents with specific roles.

Here’s the list so far:

Bianca – Environment

Jake – Politics and People

Imogen – People and Community

Claudia – Culture & Events – Arts

Kimberley – SMJ poet in residence

Miranda – Impact on the Community

Joe – Young London and The Games

Maddie Photo blogs – pictures and story from real people

Sandra – The Science of Sport

Kaspian – Soundtrack to The Olympics – Music

All have committed to posting AT the very LEAST, once a week and Jake has reached his 50th post as an SMJ – impressive!

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