The Burning Question..?

Websites, blogs and tweet lines are crackling with anticipation .. who will it be who lights the torch tonight in the Olympic Park? and just what are those surprises that haven’t yet leaked out about tonight’s Opening Ceremony?

So here we are! … The Day has dawned, bells have been rung, and there is a pent up feeling looming over East London – we’re now on countdown 3 hours and 39 minutes until the moment of truth for Danny Boyle and his team..

So many thoughts and things to say, but ultimately it’s  it’s how to make the universal and global and collective pride, also a personal one..

For me so far my highlight has been my 10 year old son clutching the Olympic torch in his hand last Saturday as the torch came through Stoke Newington, moments before torch bearer 106 had the flame passed on and ran his short but significant stint..

Enjoy the ceremony!

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