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London 2012

Barcelona 1992 Yesterday they launched the programme and information about buying tickets for the London 2012 Games – prices, events, venues with a guide of how to buy and things to consider .. tickets available to buy from March 15th and April 26th.. This reminded me that I’ve been meaning to post a picture of… Read more »

Breaking News ..

Great to see the SMJ’s responding to breaking news stories in their blogs Claudia got in their first reporting on the news that it’s looking very likely that West Ham will win the bid for the stadium after 2012; this is still pending the final decision from The Olympic Park Legacy Committee when they meet tomorrow. This is… Read more »

From London to Barcelona and back again…

The SMJ’s are having dialogue with people from all over the world who lived in an Olympic City at the time of a Games.. With the help of Charlie Tims they are interviewing a whole host of people who lived in Beijing in 2009, Athens in 2004, Sydney in 2000, Atlanta in 1996, Barcelona in 1992,… Read more »

Good to read

Good to see that Kimberley has blogged so eloquently about our trip to the BBC Radio 5 Live Studios to see 606 be broadcast live… I passed on her comments to Jo Tongue the amazing producer of this live show who was tickled by Kim’s comment of “a controlled chaos ensued” when describing our trip: I… Read more »