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What’s in a role?

By Fran Plowright and Bianca Manu I have recently been pondering precisely what is it that makes a successful mentor/ mentee relationship work? As a friend and colleague – who runs her own mentoring programme for women Angel Investors in the waiting pointed out over lunch, ‘the thing that busy mentors hate the most, is… Read more »

SMJ 7 hour Olympic Challenge no 1

Armed with 3 Ipads, 1 camera, a flip cam an Apprentice style call to action from our very own Benji Lanyado, Claudia, Joe and Kaspian, set off on a 7 hour challenge which began in St Pancras Station at 9am this morning. Their challenge, to find out which country is making the best of London… Read more »

Powerful films, poetry, debate on Truce

Sat next to Kaspian, Joe, Kim, Claudia, Sandra, Maddie, Jake and Charlie at the Bernie Grants Arts Centre where the Headstarters are putting on an evening of film, poetry, debate, workshop and discussion around the theme of the Olympic Truce. Where did the concept of Truce originate? Lord Michael Bates who has walked thousands of… Read more »

Inspiring stuff .. down at BBC Radio 1’s Academy

Just been to watch our very own SMJ Joe Mason sit on a panel at BBC Radio 1’s Academy at one of their many Q&A sessions aimed at 16-19 year olds, to get them inspired to take the leap and pursue the career of their dreams Joe sat on a panel alongside an impressive cast… Read more »

young people and the olympics

So many things to be proud of the SMJ’s for of late. Not least Joe Mason who’s photos of the interface between Olympic Park and the local community caused quite a stir when he posted them in a recent blog post. They’re now on display at The Freeword Centre  at their recently opened exhibition Politics… Read more »