Speed Blogging, SMJ tweets and Olympic challenges..

The past two SMJ sessions have been fast and furious, with blogs aplenty and no shortage of things to talk or should I say blog about!

We’ve even invented our own SMJ Olympic sport, ‘Speed Blogging’

This involves an Olympics related story – we’re awash with them, literally,  – an unsuspecting SMJ, and a stop watch..

So far Jake, Joe, Bianca and Claudia have all had a go, with Claudia coming in fastest in 6,24” last night with a nice blog about the recently unveiled bid for Games in Madrid 2020 and its hotly debated logo who’s going to beat that next time?!

We’ve also got nearly all SMj’s signed up on Twitter off the back of a few top tips for Tweeting from Producer Chris.

And, no shortage of exciting offers and opportunities, most notably, the marvellous Free Word Centre on the Farringdon Road, who have taken the SMJ’s on as their young representatives. Last session, we had a visit from Stephen Escritt, Producer of forthcoming exhibition ‘Politics & The Olympics’ at The Free Word Space May 1st – September 9th, a look at the history of the Games and politics through 40 iconic photographs .The SMJ’s even have their very own commission, to find or take a photograph of their own to be part of the exhibition bringing us right up to the present day, a view of the Games, from a young East Londoner’s perspective..deadline for these images is Feb 27th, watch this space!

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