SMJ 7 hour Olympic Challenge no 1

Armed with 3 Ipads, 1 camera, a flip cam an Apprentice style call to action from our very own Benji Lanyado, Claudia, Joe and Kaspian, set off on a 7 hour challenge which began in St Pancras Station at 9am this morning.

Their challenge, to find out which country is making the best of London 2012 to show their nation in its best light?

They have a list of venues where countries are based, offering games coverage, hospitality, and a chance to show off the best or worst of their countries.

Fellow Headstarter Rosalyn is accompanying them, taking part in the task, and to document their day in pictures.

They have till just 5pm to file a 400 word piece which includes photos and a film.

A prize awaits them on successful completion of this task

This is them as they set off from St Pancras this morning.

Check out their posts at 5pm today  to read the results of their day’s quest and what their reward will be!

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