Proud of the SMJ’s …

I feel very proud of all the published blogs and content by the Headstart Social Media Journalists or SMJ’s as they are affectionately now known! .. Seems like all the hard work they’re all putting in is really paying off now – their blogs are beginning to look really professional and I think they all realise the power of their words ..There’s lots of really incisive thinking and creative content ranging from poems; Kim’s blog on Legacy ‘A Young Person’s Perspective’  and Kaspian’s specially composed piece of music to Kelan’s Haiku poem dedicated to Paralympian Gold Medallist swimmer Dervis Konuralp and everything else in between; great writing and razor sharp questions from Claudia, thought provoking stuff from Miranda about Peace One Day- the importance of The Truce and The Olympics, and Sonia’s first post about what Legacy will really be? – Joe’s amazing photo gallery plus interview with two Hackney Ambassadors and last but not least, Nathan’s film about What The Olympics means to his friends, family and to Dervis K – Bianca’s blog is great already and first official report and film is on its way!  Sorry Benji – I know there are no links here – will get on to this tomorrow, promise!

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