School of Logical Progression


Skills, Jobs, Confidence, Connections.

The School of Logical Progression (SLP) is a year-long apprenticeship scheme with a difference, helping 18 – 26 year olds progress into employment in London’s creative industries. It brings together workshops, a work placement and a mentoring programme that will help participants develop the skills, contacts, confidence and knowhow they need.

SLP is running a four-month pre-employment mentoring programme called Meet a Mentor. Through a series of structured workshops and meetings, mentors will offer mentees support, encouragement and advice on how to get closer to employment in their chosen field within the creative industries.

This is a unique opportunity for experienced creative industry professionals to meet and support a young, talented person on their journey into employment or a change of career and to make a tangible difference to someone’s career prospects and their professional lives.

For more information about the School of Logical Progression‘s programme, Meet a Mentor. Click here!

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