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Fran worked with students from RSA Academies to create a four part series of podcasts under the umbrella title What About Tomorrow?” There is also an accompanying blog about the process and outcome of the podcasts.


The first podcast looked at what it means to be a young person growing up in such rapidly changing times. The RSA Whitley students explored the part the education system plays in forming tomorrow’s people.

The second podcast featured an enquiry led by the students. Year 9 pupils looked at the pros and cons of growing up in a technology centered world and wondered whether there is such a thing as too much technology for young people?


The third podcast looked at what the future holds for young people growing up in 21st century Britain. Whether they are heading into further education, or straight into the world of work; what jobs will be available? Is University the only route? What do prospective employers look for from their applicants nowadays? And, What is the best way to prepare?

The fourth podcast is a report from Year 9 students, who had been wondering if the pressure on young people these days to conform to a particular look and size is becoming too much? What are the skills and attributes that young people really need to help them to lead fulfilling and successful lives?

RSALilianBaylisinterview CamillaBphoto

The students interviewed many industry experts including world-renowned educationalist Sir Ken Robinson, Cisco systems educational advisor Dr Michelle Selinger, blogger, educationalist and technological expert, Ewan Mcintosh, Director of Youth Think and Action Tank LKMco, Loic Menzies and  Director of the Kid’s Company charity Camilla Batmanghelidjh.

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