Powerful films, poetry, debate on Truce

Sat next to Kaspian, Joe, Kim, Claudia, Sandra, Maddie, Jake and Charlie at the Bernie Grants Arts Centre where the Headstarters are putting on an evening of film, poetry, debate, workshop and discussion around the theme of the Olympic Truce. Where did the concept of Truce originate? Lord Michael Bates who has walked thousands of miles in his search for a real 21st Century pledge for Truce has just shared his knowledge and his vision for Truce for London 2012 in a short film.

Plenty more films and animations being screened by some young people from the Host Boroughs who have worked with artist Janette Parris, funny and thought provoking..films from Grennan and Sperandio and some students from Barking and Dagenham, Performance Poet James Massiah has written a special piece for the event which we’re about to watch, Constant Pictures filming, SMJ’s blogging and tweeting about it, Photographers capturing the event, and the Create Programmers putting on the whole evening, with our very own Kayo Chingonyi hosting.

Powerful and inspiring stuff.

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