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Good to see that Kimberley has blogged so eloquently about our trip to the BBC Radio 5 Live Studios to see 606 be broadcast live… I passed on her comments to Jo Tongue the amazing producer of this live show who was tickled by Kim’s comment of “a controlled chaos ensued” when describing our trip:

I love that line! Really nicely written, she was very observant! see you for more of the same on Saturday…I’ll try and keep it controlled ha ha x

I took five of them along to see the show – Darren Fletcher and Dion Dublin live in the studio with hundreds of footie fans calling in from all over the country…

Claudia was very excited by meeting Paralympian Gold Medallist Dervis Konuralp who came down to The Clissold Leisure Centre in Hackney last week to do some coaching with them…she wants more time with him to answer some very focussed questions tailored around London and Legacy and the important contribution that young Londoners have to make to this huge event…watch this space 

When Nathan asked Dervis if he could sum in a sentence what the Paralympics means to him as an event – this was his response “I think the Paralympics is all about inspiration. If you ever speak to anyone about the Paralympics you’ll hear one word which is a common and that is inspiration because the people which have gone to the Paralympics have not only overcome barriers within, overcoming their training, they are overcoming an added barrier which is their disability – so the Paralympics is all about inspiration and it is that word which really encapsulates it.. ” Look out for Nathan’s film about what Londoner’s really think about London 2012 coming soon on his blog

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