Breaking News ..

Great to see the SMJ’s responding to breaking news stories in their blogs

Claudia got in their first reporting on the news that it’s looking very likely that West Ham will win the bid for the stadium after 2012; this is still pending the final decision from The Olympic Park Legacy Committee when they meet tomorrow. This is also very much in keeping with the focus of our Masterclass session on Saturday at A New Direction, which was all about the Olympic Park Legacy and what they the Social Media Journalists thought it should be ..

The SMJ’s worked with regular visitor to A New Direction Guardian Journalist Benji Lanyardo. Benji gives them top writing and blogging tips and is encouraging them to add more texture to their blogs and to write their opinions .. they also worked with Multi Media Producer Chris Skinner, who helped them to flip video/ audio record/ and edit their pieces before embedding and posting..

I think Nathan –  who teamed up with Jake and Joe on Jake’s blog will be pleased:  As well as being a keen blogger and music reviewer, he is also a talented athlete, and feels passionately that after The Games, the Olympic Stadium should be used for the young community surrounding the park, fostering and nurturing local talent.. and not become an exclusive separate sporting auditorium…

All in all they are getting very professional.

Their writing and attention to detail is really coming along and Joe who is also a talented photographer doubled up by taking some mug shots of the SMJ’s for the Headstart homepage – pics coming soon..

I wonder who will be the next to post?

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