Aquatics Centre – One Year to Go!

Today, myself and two of the SMJ’s – Kimberley and Bianca have been invited down to the Aquatics Centre by BBC World Service to celebrate ‘One Year to Go’!

Very exciting to be in the Zaha Hadid building which is truly beautiful and awe inspiring both from the outside and to be in.. Like entering a vast whale.

Kimberley took to the media attention very comfortably and went from World Service Radio interview to World TV and back to Radio again with grace and confidence.

She participated in ‘Have Your Say’, a conversational debate programme which included live speakers from Greece, Australia, Former Olympian and gold medallist Ed Moses, a Paralypian sprinter called Johnnie Peacock and Kimberley all poolside in London. They talked about all aspects of the build up to and the impact of a mega event like the Games coming to town, weighing up the pros and cons. Kim was there to represent the voice of Young London and look specifically at Legacy .

Kim was also interviewed for World TV (see pic) with a backdrop of the shiny new 50 metre pool – all good, apart from being called ‘Samantha’ by the presenter!

Highlights so far apart from seeing and being in the building itself were watching synchronised swimming rehearsals, seeing Boris Johnson flurry past all mop of blonde hair and entourage, and meeting former American olympic athlete Ed Moses who reliably informs me that he doesn’t have any tickets either!

Tom Daley due to christen the pool tonight with his first dive into it and Bianca in the hot seat this time for the world service.. watch out for more from both bianca’s blog and  and Kimberley’s blog! 


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