A Blog on You!

What’s a BLOG? Simple definition: It’s a conversation.

I have been asked by the good people at The Learning Trust in Hackney, to deliver a How To Blog workshop tomorrow, as part of a programme they are running for some young Olympic Ambassadors from 52 School’s in Hackney.

The Ambassadors, are all in Year 6, (the final year in Primary School) and their school’s are part of The London Organising Committee for The Olympic Games Get Set Network

One of the SMJ’s Jake Morgan-Stead, has kindly agreed to come along, so that he can show them first hand, what he’s been doing with his blog for the past couple of years, since he got involved with being a Social Media Journalist and The Headstart Programme, courtesy of  AND.

Here’s a picture below, which includes Jake (second from the right) with a group of us on a trip we made to The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, back in October 2011.

 A N

And here’s Jake’s blog!

By the end of the session tomorrow, (just 90 minutes) our brief is to have got this group of about thirty, 11 year olds, to understand, a) what a blog is and b) to have set up and posted their own set of blogs to include, linking and photos, and some multi media content.

They will then regularly post about what they get up to between now and the end of the Ambassador’s project at the end of July and the beginning of The Games. Their objective? to produce a 2012 themed edition of ‘Success in The Making” newsletter, which will then be distributed to 36, 000 people in Hackney!

For more DO’s and Don’ts and the What and the Why’s of Blogging, check out this link at The World Wide What 

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